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                                   Things I am:

21,  A Fashion style blogger,a fashion design graduate, forgetful, clumsy, arty and everything else you probably expected from an online fashion blog

                                  Things I like: 

London in the summertime, The 1940s, paisley, picnic baskets, tea, Vogue, Edie Sedgwick, Audrey Hepburn, Carrie Bradshaw, sequins, discoballs, face paint, glitter, eyelashes, duvets, cupcakes, hello kitty,sweeties, macaroons, 
pink, strawberries, Paris, love, lips, nail art, floral decor, violet or pale pink hair,textiles Oh and don’t forget fashion, of course.

 Things I post: 

lots of people with pink hair, fashion I like esp. lookbook photos, lotsa pink stuff, 90s stuff, pastel coloured stuff, cute stuff…anything else that inspires me. Kawaiiiiiii 

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